Casino Playing Advice : Don’t Bet With Greedy Behavior

Have you noticed that most casino players will win initially but they will lose back whatever they win to the casino after sometime; some of them even lose their own money สล็อต in additional to numerous their earnings. Why most players can’t exit the casino with earnings? What are the significant reasons of their losses?

I have the same experience before. When i enter the casino, I keep telling myself that i will minimize playing and go out from casino after i win a certain amount of money. But, when i hit my winning goal, my internal behavioral instinct keep telling me that i am having very good luck right now and I should continue playing because I can win more. And most of time, I will stay at the table and continue playing. You do you know what happen?

I may continue to win after deciding to stay at the table and continue my bets because I want to win more and more and more… But, as usually, most of time I will leave the table with empty chip at your fingertips. Do you think I will give up so soon?

Exactly, NO! I will go to the nearest ATM to withdraw more money and go back to the table as soon as possible to win back my money and the money I won just now. But, this time, I will increase my bets amount to a big value so that I will win back my money as soon as possible. But, lucks seem like go away from me, all my table bets lose. My heart is beating really fast, my bet amount keep increasing on every loss. Do you know what happen next?

Now, I have 2 choices: [1] get more money from ATM and try to win back my losses; [2] exit the casino with disappointment. I will normally regret if i choose option 1 because it makes me lose even more money at the end. Even though I manage to win back my money, my greedy behavior will make me repeat the same mistake again and again… until I lose all my money.

This is the common story for most casino players. Most casino players will be able to win on the cost at the beginning because they play carefully with their own money when they just enter the casino. But, when they win, they are playing with winning chips. At this time, most players will start their greedy behavior and want to win more. At this time, they don’t need to consider one more time when they place the chips to bet on the table because they are bets with the winning chips. The more money they win, the greedier they are; until they did not remember to exit the casino with the earnings. Finally, they lose back each of their earnings but they don’t give up… they repeat what I have done above.

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