Five Very simple Actions you can take to Greatly Improve Your Photos and Videos

Today multi-media is readily available to everyone. It is not uncommon at events, workshops, parties and in relation to see people shooting videos from their phones or small cameras. People want to take pictures and have fun. Photos and videos help us enjoy and re-visit our happy moments. To greatly improve your pictures and camera shots, here are a few simple actions you can take to make your shots turn out similar to a professional.

The first step is awareness. Once you are aware of what makes a photo better, the next occasion you grab your camera, you can apply some of your new thinking about how you want to improve your picture. Most people just pick up their camera and click or record without thinking too much about it. So first, just know in your thoughts, yes, I’ll be conscious in what I’m doing.

So what can we do? Think about what is in the background. Is there a bunch of stuff piled-up, dishes in a sink behind you, a messy bedroom, a cable laying on the ground, posts in the background, debris on the street? These are things you do not notice when you snap a quick picture. To remedy this, just stop a quick minute and move. See if a simple change of angle will eliminate things showing in the picture that you we hadn’t noticed before. You will be amazed how much better your final pictures looks, just by adapting your background or simply moving something sideways. Take a look at the many home videos posted on the web, and look at what else is in the shot. You will be surprised how many show the ceilings or gates, showers in the back, stuff hanging around. This little bit of conscious awareness about your picture can be improved and is actually a very simple fix.

Think steady. When you have your camera at your fingertips, take those three seconds to breathe out and hold your camera steady. Knowing this, will make you stand still, keep your arms more steady and give you better results with a picture that is in focus. Tripods are excellent, but let’s face it, for quick pictures most of us grab our camera at your fingertips and then point and shoot. So a quick breathe out, think steady, then shoot.

Okay here’s one people miss a lot. It’s called “line of horizon. inches You want to keep images level. Hold your camera straight, and then when viewing the subject matter make sure shots are level. This is obvious when looking at beach shots, when you watch at the water, the distinct horizon should be straight, otherwise the earth will looked tilted in your shot. If someone is in your photo with the beach to their rear, make sure the beach looks correct and the distinct horizon straight. This applies for sidewalks, rooms with cabinets, anything that must be level, needs to look level in your picture.

Get rid of excess head room in pictures. When looking at family pictures or quick shots, you will notice that there is too much head room above heads in the photo or video. Half of the picture is too much wall, sky, or a building in the back. A few couple of ways to remedy this quickly. You can easily take a step or two forward, in other words move around in a little closer to your subjects and tighten up your shot. Awareness, again, tilt your camera a little bit down, perhaps it is directed up a little, so you want to level it out. And zoom in. Driving in immediately can tense up everything in the shot.
Every time you go to shoot a photo or video, simply run it through your mind- are there things in the back you do not really want in your shot? Breath analyzer zoom in a little? Tilt down maybe? Then simply breathe and hold your camera steady. These can all happen in just a few seconds, giving you results that you will be proud of for better shooting all around.

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